The Last Straw: The Duke comes on board

We’re delighted that the Duke has announced it is now stocking only paper straws. It’s a big boost for the Last Straw for Wanstead campaign to make Wanstead a plastic straw-free zone. Bravo to Ronnie Finch and co.

We are hoping for another big name to join the campaign in another 24 hours – watch this space.


Snaresbrook station to go step-free

Transport for London has announced that Snaresbrook station is to be converted to a step-free station as part of a £200m plan to upgrade 13 Tube stations by 2022.

What exactly the work will mean is not yet clear, but it will either have to mean installation of a lift by the street entrance to the London-bound entry, or two lifts to give access to the footbridge over the tracks. The ticket hall will also need work to eliminate the steps from Station Approach. TFL’s definition of “step-free” means either lifts or ramps and excludes escalators.

Wanstead pay-and-display to go ahead on 18 Feb

Sites of where parking notices will be placed.

The controversial parking scheme for pay-and-display on Wanstead High Street and residents’ only parking on many surrounding streets is to go ahead on 18 February, Redbridge Council has announced.

The decision will mean a maximum stay of three hours for parking on the High Street, between Monday and Saturday, 8.30am to 6.30pm. Though not in the report released yesterday, the initial consultation document said free 30-minute tickets would be available for very short stays.

Residents only parking restrictions will be added on the following roads, between Monday and Friday, 8.30am to 6.30pm.

Resident permits will apply one per vehicle, with no limit on numbers of permits per address. They can be for six or 12 months. Disabled badge holders will receive the permit free of charge. But otherwise the costs will be:

First permit

  • 6 month permit £22.50
  • 12 month permit £45.00

Second permit

  • 6 month permit £41.00
  • 12 month permit £82.00

Further permits

  • 6 month permit £54.00
  • 12 month permit £108.00

The full summary of the consultation and decision is available here, but this is the summary.

Key findings of the parking study:

The decision comes after a lengthy campaign against the idea. We Want Say campaigners who have opposed the proposals say they are based on a faulty consultation which meant many people’s views were not included. Others have accused the council of wanting to introduce the measures simply to raise revenue. The council denies both claims.

The mysterons are back in Wanstead

Mysterious white circles are once again being painted on Wanstead roads, along with the occasional arrowed box. They’re a reminder of the time last year when a dramatic parking scheme was about to foisted on Wanstead without any consultation – they mark the spots where new signs advertising parking restrictions will be placed. This time they’re appearing after a consultation which was promised by the leader of Redbridge Council but which campaigners say was deeply flawed and missed out lots of houses.

This means that the parking scheme looks set to be implemented as promised, in January 2018. The campaign group We Want Say has been trying to get the council to confirm its plans amid speculation that the whole thing might be postponed – perhaps until even after the local government elections in May. Some clarity over the next move is expected to emerge today (Thursday) at the meeting of the full Redbridge council.