Choice tweets about Wanstead, XII: the Wanstead Horror Show

Wanstead High School would make the perfect setting for a horror movie at night… Any directors fancy taking the challenge?less than a minute ago via TwitBird iPhone

Inside Wanstead’s Buddhist temple

Wanstead’s own Buddhist temple in Blake Hall Road is a lesser-known tourist attraction.

Ian from has posted the video essay of the Wat Buddharam temple, below, and says:

This is a lovely temple situated in a normal suburban house.The four monks who live there are very friendly and speak good English – always worth a visit and if you go at the weekend at 11.00 am you will be able to partake in delicious Thai food offered to the monks once they have finished their main meal of the day.

The monks have had planning battles largely because of noise and parking issues, as documented here in the Wanstead Guardian, but can apparently still operate as a temple so long as they don’t hold festivals.

A new contender for Wanstead High Street

Wanstead’s Tesco may only be four months old, but the newest entrant to Wanstead High Street seems to indicate that the giant’s juggernaut-like qualities haven’t yet squished out all other entrepreneurs.

A 7-eleven opened on Sunday in the former Thresher premises at the top of Wellington Road. It’s selling a fairly conventional range of convnience store products, with newspapers, magazines and fruit and veg coming next week.

And while it’s hardly the high end boutique that the High Street might have wanted in the wake of Horsfall and Wright’s departure, at least it’s better than another empty shopfront.

Choice tweets about Wanstead, XI: Suspicious greenfly

hundreds of greenfly in the air around wanstead. Is this a sign of something sinister?less than a minute ago via mobile web

Wanstead news roundup, 14.05.10; no dusters or rain, parking rows, and local chilli

Addition from Twitter: @cocabeenslinky Wanstead woman doing the Moon Walk [saturday] night #t1ttwits