Wanstead general election leaflets (cont’d)

Another leaflet delivered through Wanstead letterboxes during canvassing from the Conservative Party. Still no sign of anything except from the main two parties, though.

Leaflet from Ed Northover, Conservative candidate
Ed Northover

Choice tweets about Wanstead, IX: Ahhh Wanstead

@jarve Wanstead indeed. A lovely place. Still good to come home whatever the weather.

A different view, though, from

blue_harvest: Go #ashcloud ! No planes over London. It normally looks like the luftwaffe have resumed business over Wanstead thanks to London City airport

Book and Media festival events in Wanstead

The Redbridge Book and Media Festival hits Wanstead on Thursday (15 April). Events in the festival are shared around Redbridge, but the Wanstead events – most of which at the Library on Spratt Hall Road are below. There are some more details here, but sadly the festival brochure is unavailable for download – all links on the Redbridge site to the PDF are broken.

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Wanstead’s latest election posters

Here is the latest crop of Leyton and Wanstead election leaflets, as produced by John Cryer for Labour and Ed Northover for the Conservatives. No sign yet of leaflets for the Lib Dems, Greens, UKIPs or other parties yet, but they will be added here as they arrive. (CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE)

John Cryer, Labour leaflet
John Cryer, Labour
Ed Northover Conservative leaflet
Ed Northover leaflet

Wanstead voters have 0.11 votes (kind of)

Social media guru – and Wanstead resident – Nic Newman tweets: The average UK voter has 2.33x more voting power than I do in Leyton & Wanstead – says Voter Power .. http://bit.ly/cViBKN. Time to move…

The figure is calculated by Voterpower.org to demonstrate that in safe seats like Leyton and Wanstead, it’s much harder for voters to have an effect on the result than it is in marginal constituencies. Their case is explained here.