16 thoughts on “Brave camper”

  1. Don’t feel sorry for him, it’s quite common around east London these days for people from other countries to come and work here and camp rather than spend any money on accommodation. There’s lots of them round the back of Stratford too

      1. Nor forcomments branding Brexit voters as racist or anti-immigrant – how dare you!
        This is a wonderful site – don’t let’s abuse our valued freedom of speech.
        Education is a privilege……..ignorance, a choice.

  2. I don’t necessarily agree with the comments but I don’t agree with censorship either. Why should somebody be prevented from engaging in socio-political debate just because you don’t agree with them?

    1. With the exception of a small minority who chose this lifestyle, chances are the person tenting may be in an unfortunate circumstance and has no choice. Most would love to live in a nice warm house with heating and running water. It’s cognitively easier to judge someone in a negative light, but harder to empathise and walk in the life of your fellow human being. As sure as death, life will throw all sorts of challenges to every single one of us. Maybe poverty, ill health and all sorts of failures. We will die, but until that day, maybe we can live with grace and compassion for one another.

  3. What did Kellie satthat must be “controlled”? Is it not better to challenge views you do not agree with? I am getting absolutely sick of this censorship that is becoming prevalent. Be careful, 1984 was a cautionary tale.

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