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Wanstead Magazine Club is a great thing. Instead of just chucking interesting magazines into the recycling, it places them in spots where other Wanstead folk might pick them up and read them. They can even take them home if they like. The Larder is the focal point of its activities – a new crop including Vice, Vanity Fair, Which and BBC Wildlife magazine has just been delivered – but with more people taking part it could extend to a number of other Wanstead establishments which are interested.

If you would like to share your old readworthy magazines, or if you would like to help organise this noble effort, drop an email to

Wanstead Magazine Club, the re-up

photo (9)Wanstead Magazine Club, which aims to share and giveaway interesting magazines among the reading classes of Wanstead, has had what they call in certain circles a “re-up“. Fresh stocks are now available in the Larder, and also for the first time in a new venue, the beautifully renovated Wanstead Barber Shop.

photo (8)This is a not-for profit scheme, naturally. You are welcome to take any of the magazines away with you if you feel they’re interesting enough. And if you’d like to take part in the scheme by donating interesting reads to your fellows, then please do. If you would like some stickers to put on your magazines, email us at

We think it’s a rather civilised idea, and it was nice to have the endorsement of former Guardian journalist Paul Nettleton recently

And incidentally, in case anyone is wondering, we have found Bennett’s newsagents on Wanstead High Street and Cafe Voyage at Snaresbrook station to be excellent places to buy new magazines (though of course other stockists are available).

Wanstead Magazine Club’s new frontier

The Wanstead Magazine Club – which recycles interesting magazines in public places in Wanstead for the benefit of anyone who’s interested – is from today available in a third venue, Provender.

The club has also been offering a wider range of magazines, including the clearly highbrow (Prospect, New Yorker and London Review of Books), and more populist (Vanity Fair and Wired). Anyone with copies of Elle Decoration, GQ, National Geographic, Good Food, Which or the Beano out there? We think you might, if you examine your conscience, find a small voice telling you that you really ought to share your riches with your Wanstead fellows. Find out more at the Wanstead Magazine Club.

And in the meantime, what better way to make the most of the Farmers’ Market than enjoying a latte and pain aux raisins at the Larder or a spot of petit dejeuner at Provender in the company of some fine reading material.

Wanstead Magazine Club update

Our newly-launched Wanstead Magazine Club – which aims to encourage sharing of interesting magazines among the people of Wanstead – has had a good reception. Our initial distribution points – the newspaper carousel in Wanstead Library and a perspex box in the Larder – have seen new additions (Esquire, New Yorker, the Economist, various newspaper supplements and a copy of the Beano) for which we thank donors. You can read more about the noble scheme here.

Anyone who is keen to join in, please drop us a line at with your postal address and we’ll send you a sheet of stickers to put on any magazines you share (see picture).

Introducing the Wanstead Magazine Club


We’re delighted to introduce another innovation for E11- the Wanstead Magazine Club. Inspired by the swap box in the library (which, since we highlighted it two weeks ago has been full to overflowing), the club is now spreading the joy.

First venue to join is the Larder, and we hope others will follow. The idea is simple: instead of throwing interesting magazines away, we share them with other Wanstead folk. Anyone is free to keep (or donate) magazines, and we’re especially keen to hear from anyone who would like to help organise.

20121028-110029.jpgMore details are here: Wanstead Magazine Club. And let us know what you think here, at Wanstead Talk.

Wanstead Magazine Club

Welcome. This is how the club works:

We share old magazines with other Wanstead folk who might be interested in them. We currently leave them either at Wanstead Library or in the Larder. It’s guerrilla recycling – our only goal is to make Wanstead an even nicer place.

Anyone is free to take home and keep the magazines, whether or not they are members.


You don’t have to join to take part, but if you do, we can send you updates on the club. Just send us an e-mail at


Places to leave magazines are currently beneath the revolving newspaper stand at Wanstead Library or in the Wanstead Magazine Club stand in the Larder. (Nominations for extra sites are welcome.)


If you leave a magazine, let us know! Tweet a message to @wansteadium with the hashtag #wansteadmagazineclub, e-mail us or leave a message on our Facebook page.


 Reading The Lady is optional.

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