Wanstead bird poisoners’ jailed

Two men who poisoned birds and a dog at Alexandra Lake on Wanstead Flats in March this year were jailed for four months each and fined £7,000 at Snaresbrook Crown Court today.  Terrance Webb, 28, of Ilford and Mark Page, 35, of Romford, were both pest control officers for Newham Council.

They stole pesticide normally used to control fleas and cockroaches, put it into some bread and laid it around the lake during their lunch-hours, then, according to reports, laughed and joked that crows had eaten the bread and died.

Among the dead were geese, moorhen, crows and pigeons, and an Alsation.  Pamela Rowe, 69, the owner of the dog, told the Evening Standard today:

“It was a twisted, evil thing they did. They were not teenagers, they were pest control officers. My dog died a violent horrible death, and he was completely innocent.”

UPDATE, TUESDAY: The Evening Standard today published a fuller account of Mrs Rowe’s anger, and published for the first time a picture of the ill-fated dog, a German Shepherd-setter cross, named Russett.

Wansteadium Blitz project, 16 Oct 1940; Snaresbrook Road, Overton Drive

On this night in 1940 at 10pm, two high explosives bombs dropped by German planes on Overton Drive, Wanstead, caused a serious fire after igniting gas. At 10.20pm, more high explosive bombs landed on Snaresbrook Road opposite Hermitage Close, injuring two people.

Happy birthday to us

The arrival of the 100th follower of Wansteadium on Facebook, who joins the 220 followers on Twitter and 40 people who receive new posts by e-mail, seems an appropriate juncture to mark Wansteadium’s first birthday.

From very humble beginnings to – let’s face it – a still-pretty-humble infanthood, this little blog has nevertheless had some great fun. From the cars parked next to each other which had registrations FAAK and ORF, to the sexy escort with full MOT, from the moving film about a life lived in Wanstead to the Central Line reorganization avoiding Leytonstone, this corner of E11 has proved a rewarding subject.

So thank you to everyone who has read and contributed to Wansteadium so far. Let’s hope the next 12 months live up to the first.

Pie and smash: It WAS arson

Police have confirmed the rumours which have been circulating Wanstead that the attack on Robins Pie and Mash shop was arson, which may well mean that it wasn’t a brick but a petrol bomb thrown through the window. They have also said, according to the Wanstead Guardian, that there were attacks on three consecutive nights – Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Hadley House, arrivederci

Every starter somewhere is a final After Eight somewhere else. As Wanstead tries out its new steak house, longtime favourite Hadley House has shut up shop forever. A notice in the window announces it will reopen later this month as an Italian restaurant. Feel free to opine here.

UPDATE: Mark Bentley was first to report the news, saying:

wanstead restaurant merry go round continues. New Queens place rammed all day yesterday. Hadley House now closed for good. End of era.less than a minute ago via web

Luke Morton points out in a comment to this post: “I think the words ‘Open from 21st October 2010’ might’ve been enough!”

It’s a fair point – the language of the notice is, shall we say, translated by an online tool flowery? In case you can’t make it out on the picture above, it is:

“l’infinito is a brand new Italian restaurant with the age-old Italian passion for taste, art and pleasure. It is the portrait of the Italian cuisine that brings the best of our hospitality to one unique environment… Our intention is to offer you the best that we as Italians can find when we sit at a table, and we hope to inspire you to eternalize this moment with the best of this infinite now.”

Wansteadium reader Mick adds, also in a comment on this post:

Maybe just as well. We used to love Hadley House but the quality of the food has been disappointing on the last couple of visits. Would welcome another Italian, we used to have three: the curiously named Papillon (now Applebees) which was great, the one that is now 62 Spice and the one opposite Snaresbrook station.