Wanstead weekly photo

Three beauties this week, though all very different. First up is Susan Matthews, who says she took this picture to disprove a BBC weather forecast which claimed there was no fog in London on Sunday morning.

Picture: Susan Matthews

Second is this from Instagram user “Lebaronfabs”, aka Fabien, who has got a great angle on a familiar sight.

Home sweet home #shrubbery #wanstead #springiscoming

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The third image is from Leslie Caswell, which is shift in tone. Thanks to everyone. You can submit your photos for next week’s selection by sending them to info@wansteadium.com.

Another amazing drone shot of Wanstead

#Repost Drone air shot of Wanstead 🚁 #Wanstead #London #wanstead_e11 #eastlondon #drone #air #high #skyline #above

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(Comes after our post Great views of Wanstead from above with some video taken earlier by Haz Anwar.)

Wanstead weekly photo (3x normal strength)

Photo: Peter Hall

A cornucopia of photos this week, including this black and white beauty from Peter Hall. If you’re looking on a desktop, it’s worth clicking the photo to see a bigger version. Thanks to him, Mick Terry and Cinzia for this week’s shots. You can send yours for next week to info@wansteadium.com.

Photo: Mick Terry
Photo: Cinzia

Wanstead weekly photo

Another treat from @wanstead_e11 on Instagram. Remember, you can submit your photos for Wanstead Weekly Photo by tagging Wansteadium on social media or email us at info@wansteadium.com.

Wanstead weekly photo

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Geoff Wilkinson writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: "I wonder what happened here? As I wandered along Nightingale Lane the other day I came across this pair of boots standing side by side on the pavement with nothing else around. They look in reasonable condition, not smart but certainly serviceable, the only thing missing were the laces… What happened to the owner, abducted by aliens, human combustion or just forgetful I guess we'll never know…"”