Wanstead weekly photo

Swing Park Wanstead

This week’s Wanstead Weekly Photo comes from Jenny Baptist and was taken at dawn on Saturday.

Thanks to those of you who have sent in photos this week. And here’s a reminder that Wanstead Weekly Photo is now open to all comers – everyone is welcome to submit photos by sending them to info@wansteadium.com.

Wanstead weekend photo, CXXV

Geoff Wilkinson writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: “Another fabulous day in Wanstead yesterday and I’m told it is officially  spring, so I thought I would make the most it and publish another blossom lined street. This is Woodlands Avenue on the Alderbrooks Estate, its a very nice road, why choose to publish this particular one? Well in one of the houses on the left hand side of the picture lived Mr Gardner my old geography teacher when I was at school, his inspiration was responsible for my life of travel, I thank him dearly..”

Wanstead weekend photo, CXXIV

Geoff Wilkinson writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: “I have always wondered why some days the litter seems to be scattered around Nightingale Green. I think this bird may be part of the problem. It cheekily sat on one of the rubbish bins and rooted through the contents while I took this picture. It would have made a good extra in The Birds.”