13 thoughts on “Coffee to go”

  1. To set up outside the tube would require a license. Also where would the park?
    Quad Bikes are an issue, seating outside eateries/coffee shops are also an issue. So to park a van outside of a tube station would also be an issue to some folk.

    Plus the shop in the Tube Station sells hot drinks, would he be happy with the competition?

    Just saying :p

  2. I’m told it’s the fella who is doing the new place in the building behind. We are all awaiting with bated breath – PLEASE make it the excellent gastro pub Wanstead is crying out for!!

  3. Can testify that the coffee and service are both great… And twice the quality and less than half the price of dear Starbucks and Costa.

  4. Great coffee and great guy running it. Don’t think his prices will remain so low, but i’d pay full price over the other choices on the street. Hopefully the competition will up their games too.

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