More amazing drone shots of Wanstead

Wansteadium just can’t get bored of looking at these drone shots of Wanstead, as taken by Haz Anwar. (Sorry if you can, or indeed already are.)


6 thoughts on “More amazing drone shots of Wanstead”

  1. Wonderful. Next thing we’ll have a LCY Embraer landing in Redbridge lane whilst spitting out bits of drone. Methinks challenged men with obsessions with boystoys should not be encouraged.

  2. Great Photos,
    Would love to see some shots of Wanstead Park.
    Michael Meyer
    Melbourne Australia
    Born in Wanstead

  3. As per Peter Hall’s comment and link, I too am concerned about the legality here. In at least one photo, the 3rd one down, of St Mary’s Church, the drone is almost certainly closer to this listed building than the legal boundary of 50 metres.

    Also, there is the consideration of impact on birds. Some of these spots are routes that are flown by the local populations of swans, their juvenile cygnets, geese, ducks, all of whom do regularly move around between the many ponds and other waters of the area. Drones can potentially disturb the patterns of these birds at best, or potentially kill them in flight at worst.

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