It’s a good day to park

All over Wanstead, single and double yellow lines are being removed and being turned to yellow powder. It’s a great day to park!

(The fact that they’re swiftly being replaced with new, bright, double yellows is a mere inconvenience which Wansteadium, for one, will not permit to spoil the day.)

*Disclaimer. Wansteadium can accept no responsibility for anyone who chooses to park on the site of a former single or double yellow line.

Glass blower

While our anti-plastic straw campaign, The Last Straw for Wanstead, continues, there is definitely a mood around to reduce wasted plastic even more.

One trend spotted by the Guardian is a sudden growth in the number of households ordering their milk from a milkman. Maybe it’s the glass bottles, the electric engines, or the charming tradition. But whatever the reason, Parker Dairies – which serves Wanstead with at least two rounds, the celebrated Steve and his oppo, Dave (pictured) – is reporting literally hundreds of new customers since the New Year.

If you want to join the new customers, you can contact Parker Dairies on Twitter or via their website

P&D-day looms

A massive programme of pole and machine installation is going on around Wanstead as the council brings in its double whammy of pay-and-display on the High Street and residents parking restrictions elsewhere.

Machines have now been installed, and the poles for signs are gradually being installed. Meanwhile residents who will be affected are desperately applying for £45 parking permits before the new rules begin on 19 February (ie a week on Monday).

The council’s parking registration site warns permits may take 10 days to be received by residents following an online application.

Businesses have to apply for permits too, at £300, but details are still sketchy about where those parking spots will be (or if there will be enough spaces to meet demand).

Imran Asfhar, who runs the Tool Box on Wanstead High Street, told Wansteadium:  “I have contacted the council by email on a few occasions but still haven’t had a response. There is still no clarity on where the business permit bays will be. Also the quantity of bays being made available. From what I gather there is no limit on the amount of permits a business can purchase.”

Letter sent to residents and business last week
North and south pole



Crime reaction

Street-by-street Whatsapp groups are springing up around Wanstead as residents who are worried about recent crimes band together to share information about potential threats.

Some groups are taking the lead of a Neighbourhood Watch group in east Wanstead which shares alerts, police information and general warnings. And others are being set up around Wanstead, including in Seagry Road where there was a nasty burglary earlier this week.

The Wanstead Guardian reports that five burglars broke into the house, held knives at the residents’ throats, while they stole a large amount of jewellery.

Meanwhile Redbridge Council has announced it is increasing its “enforcement team” of civilian officers who will be patrolling around the borough. It has said it is working on a range of measures such as improving street lighting and CCTV to react to what council leader Jas Athwal described as “the current crime epidemic”.  He also said more police had been requested from the Met Commissioner.

Steve Wilks, chairman of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel for Wanstead and Snaresbrook, is compiling a list of Whatsapp groups and administrators.