Bluebell boycott

This year Wansteadium is minded to boycott photographs of bluebells in Wanstead Park – we don’t want to be accused of encouraging people to walk on the bulbs to get pictures… walking on them destroys the flowers, compacts the soil, damages bulbs and can prevent flowers growing in future years. We know it’s a bit miserable, but we think the boycott is the right thing to do.

That big thing? Looks like it’s Superdrug

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 13.07.27Rumours that Superdrug is coming to Wanstead have been confirmed by a job advert published by the company. They are thought to be lined up for the site previously occupied by the HSBC and Londis. (Spotted by Robespierre)

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 13.07.38

Something big is coming

Wanstead’s lamented Londis, and its neighbour, the missing Midland hollowed HSBC are being redeveloped. And from being nosy it looks as if it’s all going to be one big premises. It’s a pretty large space inside – almost too big for a shop. But probably the right size for a big restaurant. Offers of intelligence are welcome in the usual manner.