Leyton and Wanstead hustings in colour

Atmospheric photo of the Leyton and Wanstead hustings held on Sunday, courtesy of ace snapper Clive Power.

Leyton and Wanstead hustings - copright ClivePower.com
Leyton and Wanstead hustings at St John's Church, Leytonstone - Sunday 2 May: R: John Cryer (Labour), Ashley Gunstock (Green), Martin Levin (Independent), (vicar) (vicar helper) Edwin Northover (Conservative), Graham Wood (UKIP)

Leyton and Wanstead election leaflets, VI

A late flurry of leaflets from the Lib Dem candidate Farooq Qureshi.

Leyton and Wanstead Lib Dem candidate Farooq Qureshi
Leyton and Wanstead Lib Dem candidate Farooq Qureshi
Leyton and Wanstead Lib Dem candidate Farooq Qureshi
Leyton and Wanstead Lib Dem candidate Farooq Qureshi

Subdued last Campaign Saturday in Wanstead

Wanstead might have expected the High Street to be a-buzz with last-minute feverish campaigning on the last Saturday morning before polling day. After all, it seems there’s plenty to play for – 6,000 is a respectable majority but not an unassailable one, and though the Conservatives have been very active campaigners, some are still tipping the Lib Dems to cause an upset here.

But it was a subdued atmosphere which greeted shoppers. There were token campaign tables from Labour and Tory groups, though not, it appeared, the candidates. And the other parties – Lib Dems, UKIP, Greens, BNP and Christian – were not in attendance.

Comments today on Twitter and Facebook about the contest include:

@mapsadaisical Leyton and Wanstead? Labour probably favourites, but I reckon both Lib Dems and Tories think they have an outside chance.
@markb999 Tories and Labour on Wanstead High Street this morning. No Lib-Dems. However, they have started sending me letters. v.odd.

@sajarina Well, still had no response to my question about abortion rights from any Leyton & Wanstead candidates except the Labour one (pro-choice)

Jenna Hedges The Leyton and Wanstead Lib Dem candidates were not present at the prospective candidates meeting/hustings with the public today and have apparently pulled out of all the Questions debates in the area. Very strange and feel compelled to find out why!

Dave Buba Iain Duncan Smith in Waitrose South Woodford

Campaign for a nicer bit of Wanstead?

Wansteadium reader Roger Estop writes in reaction to the news that Andrews Builder’s Merchants is to close:

Great shame. I have bought some excellent wire, screws, glue, undercoat and gardening gloves here and always enjoyed browsing the brooms and rope. Such regrets – why did I still go to Homebase? The big Andrews sign is a local landmark. Mind you, this is also one of the most charmingly scruffy bits of Wanstead with the forecourt mixed up with display goods, car parking, pavement and the adjacent exposed yard behind cafe Brunch. Whatever happens next, let’s enhance this little spot (and the public conveniences opposite). A nicer Woodbine Place campaign?

Comments can be sent to wansteadium [at]googlemail.com.

Wanstead election leaflets, V

More leaflets from Labour’s John Cryer, this time announcing the backing of Wanstead economist Pameet Singh. Still no sign of Lib Dem leaflets. (Click to enlarge.)

John Cryer, Labour candidate in Leyton and Wanstead
John Cryer, Labour candidate in Leyton and Wanstead

Leyton and Wanstead candidates, updated

UPDATED: The full list of candidates for Leyton and Wanstead for the general election on 6 May is below. The Wanstead Society held hustings on 24 April; there is a digest of people’s reactions from Twitter and Facebook here. The BBC News constituency profile is here.

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UPDATE 6 May:  For Leyton and Wanstead results, click here.