12 thoughts on “Pedestrian countdown”

  1. Ok, I’ve translated the above for those than cannot read Spanish.

    Sorry, used a Chinese translation website 🙂

  2. Hogy egy kicsit arrogáns és elbizakodott, hogy elküldhesse hozzászólását olyan nyelven, amelyet a legtöbb látogatók nem lesz képes megérteni…

    (hint: visit Google Translate)

  3. What happened to the Flashing Green Man!
    Does this mean he has had a pay cut? Very American these countdown timers, I wonder how long before ‘Jay Walking’ is a ‘felony’ over here.

  4. On a more serious point, this update to the crossing must have taken at least 2 to 3 months for the work to be completed. If the tax payer has paid for this very lengthy update (including one assumes the delays) I shudder to think what the cost must have been. During this time (to replace the perfectly adequate existing lights and add a countdown) we have endured ongoing road works and disruption. I did ask TFL over a fortnight ago to advise me why this was taking so long, needless to say I have yet to receive a response. Finally with or without a countdown there is still insufficient time to cross the road – now at least we know how long we have before we are run down.

    1. Seriously? I have a young kid that gets distracted by air and another in a pushchair and I can still cross in plenty of time.

      Judging by the original photos’ countdown, maybe it takes some people 5 seconds to walk across one lane of traffic!

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