70 thoughts on “Something new for Wellington Road…”

  1. @MrWanstead

    I think Oddbins were refused a planning consent/license in what then became the betting shop [rolleyes] , and then the British Heart Foundation.

    I can’t find the appropriate smiley for this.

  2. Why do we need an Oddbins? We have a Majestic. People object to the bookmakers so that residents can have a flutter on the horses now and then but it is ok to open another shop selling alcohol so that the keyboard warriors can save Wanstead after a large glass of Merlot.

    Come on people… I am surprised that no one has picked up and complained on two things I saw yesterday:

    1. A guy with a ‘Golf Sale’ style sign at the corner near the George for Papa’s Pizza and their £6.99 Large Pizza deal. If you do take them up then please please please try the Special Garlic sauce! I am convinced it is 99% butter but is soooooooooooooo good!

    2. Piccoberti had 6 tables outside… In the past they have only ever had 2 tables outside, last night they had 6! SIX!. Now… Remember the Starbucks witch hunt because they were using 1.45m when they only had permission for 1.4m… How is this allowed.

    1. I believe you can only buy in bulk from Majestic. As for the betting shop, can’t see a problem with this. Some of us residents (indeed us semi-retired ones) like the odd flutter, even if only on the Grand National.

  3. Collected another parcel this morning. Very handy.

    What I did was walk through Nutter Lane, The Nightingale Estate and up Wellington Road to collect it. At no point did I step foot onto the High Street in order to get to or use the locker.

    So the question is, why is this an issue for the ‘High Street’? If the answer is ‘Because it is visible from the High Street’ then so are a lot of things…

  4. It still forms part of the High Street and, aesthetically, it doesn’t enrich it. This is subjective of course, but the number of comments here suggests a general agreement.

    We are just trying to protect our little High Street and keep it a smidgeon special if we can, what’s the harm in that.

  5. i suspect goldberg thinks he’s hilarious with his ‘controversial’ point of view and has some attention seeking issues. goldberg how long have you lived in wanstead? do you own a property in wanstead?

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