A fox, a duck and some terrapins

Moved by the photograph of the fox in the cemetery which we published on Monday, Jenny Schenck offers us these two shots of what could have been the same animal, also taken at St Mary’s.

“I saw the picture of the dead fox on your website, it’s really sad to see. I would go by that cemetery occasionally and take a pic of the fox there. Here are a couple of photos of a fox I seen there. I’m not sure if it’s the same one or not,” she writes.


Meanwhile Susan Matthews took this photo at Eagle Pond. She writes: “I’ve asked the RSPB if it’s possibly due to getting caught up in the pond weed, but no response as yet.”

Dead Duck In Eagle Pond

But before we get too morose, Sue (a different person) took this photo, also at Eagle Pond. It’s rather charming.

4 thoughts on “A fox, a duck and some terrapins”

  1. Animals like humans, do get sick / old and die.
    It is sad and we have had two dead foxes over the years; one in our garden and one who made an old car his home and was found on the seat.

  2. Sadly there was also a female duck floating dead near the island in Eagle Pond yesterday. No apparent injuries. Odd.

  3. One dead mallard may be natural causes. Two dead mallards in the same small-ish pond starts to be mildly suspect. There was a deliberate poisoning incident over in Aldersbrook a few years ago, although many more dead were involved than just two, but still, one has to wonder. The Epping Forest keepers may want to be informed of these two just to be aware.

  4. The truth is that I don’t know why but I’m seeing more death animals these days. Yes, maybe some of them died of natural causes but I’m starting to think that there is something else. Maybe the water is polluted and why not the soil too. In my opinion, somebody from the council or somebody else should check this. Wanstead has a beautiful scenery and everybody would really like if it stays that way.

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