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The Nightingale, one of the more popular Wanstead pubs, has this week featured in the East London Drinker blog where Alan Perryman writes:

The pub offers 4-5 ales, seemly without tie as the selection changes frequently though typically you see beer from the North Kent coast. It’s a very friendly pub with 3 different bar areas – a two saloons, with a proper snug out back. The pub is decorated with various bits of sporting memorabilia and with the world cup in full swing there’s also the extra flags.

Wanstead co-op review2: my six yr old: “daddy, why have they changed the name? It’s the same inside.” That’s it. Bored now. Fin.less than a minute ago via Twitterrific

@Wansteadium Second attempt at the Co-op. Walked in, walked out. How is that Londis seem to have what I want and Co-op doesn’t?less than a minute ago via web

Wanstead Saints FC are appealing for Wanstead businesses to sponsor them for next season. They told Wansteadium they would advertise the business on their shirts, on their website and via Twitter. They can be contacted at

•Two people are to appear in court next week charged over the deaths of 80 birds at Alexandra Lake. BBC News is reporting that the two men have been charged with using a pesticide without approval, poisoning animals, killing wild birds, theft and storing a pesticide without approval, and adds that both men worked as pest controllers for a local authority.

•The Wanstead Smarter High Street competition is not happening this year – blamed on a lack of funds. But times are still tough in Wanstead – two of last year’s shortlist subsequently shut up shop – so perhaps survival is more the order of the day. The campaign website says it will be continuing campaigning though, saying:

We’ll be comparing our high street to other conservation areas, asking why Redbridge council has let the quality of our High Street slip and demand that they uphold good design values in the future. It is in all our interests, not least the businesses themselves.

• Finally, much chatter on Twitter about another supposed UFO sighting in Wanstead, eg here here and here. Wanstead Guardian ‘story’ here. And one more reaction here:

@Tollah_x haha who saw this supposed oramge ufo? well i guess its made wanstead slightly more interesting…less than a minute ago via Snaptu

This photo, by Wansteadium regular @gradiate, is not thought to constitute evidence.

Even the urban foxes in Wanstead have an appreciation of the finer things. Wansteadium reader Dave Buba reported on Saturday: “Unprecendented scenes at overton drive home of wanstead cricket club as a fox has just run across the wicket before disappearing to the fine leg boundary!!”