Recurring Event Open weekend at the Temple

Open weekend at the Temple

The Temple, Wanstead Park

The Temple explores the history of Wanstead Park through the Roman, Regency and Victorian periods to the present day. The Temple has: a history of the Park's Roman Villa, told through mosaics and other items from our museum collection a tale of Regency romance gone wrong, fit to rival the best period drama statues which … Continue reading "Open weekend at the Temple"

Mandala drawing workshop

The Duke 79 Nightingale Lane, Wanstead

Drawing mandalas, geometric pattern with their roots in eastern spiritual contemplation, is relaxing and some people find it therapeutic. Wanstead resident Katherine McKnight will be leading two workshops, the first for primary school-age children, the second for adults.

£2.00 – £5.00

Wanstead Book Festival presents Hannah Armstrong

Wanstead Library Churchill Room Spratt Hall Road, Wanstead

Hannah Armstrong’s account of Wanstead House has been electrifying local history addicts since its publication earlier this year. In this talk Hannah will reveal the secrets of the Grotto and the Temple - our last remaining visible remnants of Wanstead's glorious past.