‘Join our campaign for open-air films in Wanstead!’


George C Parker writes: Summer in Wanstead has long been garlanded with the Festival on Christchurch Green, and the wonderful Music in Wanstead Park event. Thousands are drawn to enjoy these sunny get-togethers which make wonderful and inclusive use of Wanstead’s privileged green spaces.

But, friends, we can go further.

Imagine the warmth of the late afternoon picnicking with family and friends in front of an outdoor summer cinema screen. Imagine the thrill of watching, say, a Hitchcock film flickering away in the balmy dusk. Imagine being able to drop in casually to friends from elsewhere that “Oh we’re going to the Wanstead Open Air Film Festival this weekend.” Imagine, imagine.

So my charge to you, my dearly beloved Wanstead fellows, is who’s up for it? Who will join the campaign I start here and now to rally us to this noble cause? The odds might be stacked against us. There will be bureaucratic hurdles in the way. There will be scoffers. But together, friends, we can overcome all these impediments.

Know something about films? Add your name to our campaign. Know your way round local government? Hop on, sibling. Know how to organise inspiring events from scratch? We’ve got a job for you. Know how to spread the word? Come, do. Know you really ought to get involved in doing something for the community? You’re among friends here.

We need people and business who are thinking about getting into community activities but are unsure whether or where to dip their toe. We need planners, organiser, sponsors, caterers, people to do proper artist’s impressions, helpers and – even if you’re not one of them, we need your support to convince the rest of Wanstead that we can do this together. Views and thoughts on location, scheduling, logistics are desperately needed – please add them in the form below.

Let the show begin.

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