• Wanstead is now in a “no cold-calling” zone, meaning in theory there should be no more dusters/ironing board covers/electricity company salesmen a-knocking. Time will tell, though. And commenters to the Wanstead Guardian are a bit equivocal on the matter, one saying:

    This is local government nannying gone mad! What’s next, The Redbridge no rain at weekends partnership? So is knocking on the door to sell electricity or windows now illegal? Or is this just pointless posturing from a local semi-quango trying to justify its own existence?

  • There’s a row about parking. And schoolchildren are unruly in public places, even in Wanstead.
  • A scholarship pupil from Forest School in Snaresbrook has won a place at Harvard.
  • And finally, Mr Singh’s Chilli Sauce, the centre-piece of a new BBC One series which aims to give small businesses a break, comes, it turn out, from Manor Park. You can see how they got on here. And they told Wansteadium that they would be grateful for suggestions of stockists in Wanstead.

Addition from Twitter: @cocabeenslinky Wanstead woman doing the Moon Walk [saturday] night #t1ttwits http://tiny.cc/t1ttwits

[picappgallerysingle id=”8649313″]If the Evening Standard is to be believed, more than a million people have “signed up” for Olympics tickets. The fear that they might miss out might cause consternation to Wanstead folk every time they drive past the Olympic site if they haven’t yet “signed up”. So how can you do it?

The short answer is, despite the Standard headline, you can’t – yet – so there’s no need to be stressed. And there’s certainly no need at this stage to part with any money.

What you *can* do (and what the paper appears to be referring to) is to sign up to a mailing list operated by London 2012 which will send details of any particular events you are interested in. You can do that here. Signing up won’t, however, give you any preferential claim to tickets. Three-quarters of the 10million Olympic and Paralympic tickets will be allocated by public ballot. Registration for this will be by the website some time next year.

My new MP for Leyton & Wanstead, John Cryer – mother and father were MPs. Maybe his kids will be too. The De Cryer Baronetcy in another era.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

So how will John Cryer be spending his first weekend as MP for Leyton and Wanstead? Going to estate agents, possibly.

Speaking after his victory yesterday, he said that he planned now to move to the constituency after his “temporary” break from living in east London – he has been living near East Grinsted in East Sussex. He told the Wanstead Guardian, though, that he had not decided when he would do so.

Suggestions for houses for sale in Wanstead suitable for a member of Parliament are welcome. Wansteadium is happy to collate suggestions and forward them to Mr Cryer. (NB. Woodcote Road suggestions will probably not go down too well.)

Speaking about the result, he said:

In terms of the national picture, I think if you told many Labour party members what [the] result was going to be I think we would be very pleased. We have come back from being deeply unpopular.”

Meanwhile, second-placed Lib Dem candidate Farooq Qureshi, who was frequently criticised for having a low profile in Wanstead, conceded the point, saying:

“It was a very high turnout, because of that we failed to narrow the gap. I think it’s also because we haven’t done any work in Wanstead and Snaresbrook. Over the years we haven’t managed to get any presence in Snaresbrook.”

And Ed Northover, Conservative, who came third despite ambitious campaigning, said:

“Though I strongly disagree with John Cryer I think he is a very decent man.”

Other reactions from around the web:

@si_ling Snaresbrook and Wanstead – all 6 tories – no surprises there

@wrongtothetom leyton & wanstead: 561 BNP, 1080 UKIP, 8928 cons… thank god wanstead isn’t a constituency in it’s own right

@PAllen Only about 500 Nazi voters in Leyton & Wanstead, 1 more vote than greens. Christians trailed in with 342 – praise be!

@leejamesbrown RT @politic_animal: Very good news that John Cryer is elected in Leyton & Wanstead. < Great days

@vikisinden Lab holds: Leyton & Wanstead. Unsurprising but hooray nonetheless. Don’t think I’ve lived in a Lab const before.

@massegrande BBC News | Election 2010 | Constituency | Leyton & Wanstead http://goo.gl/ovvm I really need to move, now!

General election result in full:
[table id=3 /]

The results of the Redbridge Borough elections bear an uncanny similarity to the national Parliamentary result. It means the council is classed as NOC – no overall control.

[table id=4 /]

The Wanstead ward councillors are Thomas Chan, Michelle Dunn and Alex Wilson, all Conservatives. (Full ward results from Redbridge-i here.)

The Snaresbrook ward councillors are Christopher Cummins, Peter Goody and Suzanne Nolan, again, all Conservatives. (Full ward results available here.)