In January, Wansteadium launched Wanstead Pot Idol, a (not completely serious) hunt for Wanstead’s biggest pot-hole.

Now just as Alistair Darling announces new funds to repair potholes and the Evening Standard highlights 121,000 potholes on London roads, the team behind the forthcoming Wanstead Television, due to launch in the next few weeks, has documented what came next in at least one part of Wanstead: a big session of hole filling. These pictures taken in Wanstead Place and Spratt Hall Road.

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Tape preventing access to the apparently poisoned Wanstead Flats lake, where 80 birds and a dog died last week, has been torn, according to a complainant to the FixMyStreet website. On the site, which forwards complaints to the appropriate authorities (and excerpts of which can be seen on the right hand side of Wansteadium pages), the report reads:

The contaminated pond has warning barriers around to stop people walking near it. These however have been broken and I have witness people walking dogs right next to the pond.

Wanstead children’s shoe-shop owner Rina Henry has told how bailiffs emptied her shop of £30,000 stock over a £193 debt.

Rina, of Knock Down Ginger on Wanstead High Street, told the News of the World that she was handcuffed by police who she had called to help her.

CCTV footage shows Rina collapsing in a panic attack. The paper says the footage, which it shows on its site, “shows slightly-built shop boss Rina Henry restrained by two police officers she called in to HELP HER, as bailiffs carry her cash till out of the door… Bizarrely, it then captures a bailiff and a policeman shaking hands on a job well done.”

UPDATE 2200GMT: Rina Henry tells Wansteadium: “Thank you for your kind wishes. The shop is back in business!”
More details coming on Tuesday.

UFOs were spotted from Wanstead/Leytonstone borders, apparently, according to the UK-UFO website:

Went to feed the foxes in the early hours Friday night when I noticed that all sound had ceased in the garden. Couldn’t hear the trees or M11 sound in the distance of the motorway which you would expect to hear on a Friday night. Looked up and saw 5 lights coming towards the allotments in the sky. Curious as I thought they might be military helicoptors because of the size but realised I could not hear a pin drop. As they got closer I saw they were very bright and in formation and knew then that they were ufo’s. I ran upstairs to my husband and woke him and pulled the curtains open and said ‘now do you believe’?

Picture: Wanstead Birder

There were two arrests following the deaths of at least 80 birds – and one Alsation – at Alexandra Lake on Wanstead Flats. Scientists are still examining the bodies of the birds. More details at Wanstead Birder; picture courtesy Jonathan Lethbridge.

Twice as many couple under 40 who have children can afford to buy houses in Redbridge compared to the rest of London, according to the National Housing and Planning Advice Unit, which basically means family houses are more affordable in Redbridge than they are in other boroughs. The question is why?

Redbridge Council gave permission retrospectively for the demolition of the Truffles chocolate shop – which had been one of Wanstead’s oldest buildings – but they really had no choice: it was pulled down in May last year by a developer who says it turned out to be dangerously unstable. Abdul Rafeeq told the Wanstead Guardian that he will rebuild the house to its original specifications. He faces legal action for the demolition in June.

Nightingale Primary School has been classed as “outstanding” by Ofsted, a dramatic turnaround for head teacher Liz Barrett since she arrived at the school in 1997. Work by the pupils is currently showing in Wanstead Library foyer.

For the second time in just a few weeks an evening rushhour has been severely hit by a tube breakdown.

Hundreds of commuters heading east out of central London suffered a two-hour delay on Friday night as the Central Line became paralysed by a broken train at Stratford. Trains terminated at Liverpool Street while the blockage was cleared, and didn’t start again until after 7pm.

The Redbridge council tax bills arrived in Wanstead this morning. And happily had a zero per cent rise on last year. The rates are;
Band A: £936.90
Band B: £1,093.05
Band C: £1,249.20
Band D: £1,405.35
Band E: £1,717.65
Band F: £2,029.95
Band G: £2,342.25
Band H: £2,810.70