Awful news from Leytonstone about a rape on a 12-year-old girl. Not sure the Google Ads on the story in the Waltham Forest Guardian are quite the thing (“Dirty girls in your area”). Wansteadium is alerting the paper.

These are the primary school league tables, published on 1 December, based on the performance of 11-year-olds in National Curriculum “sats” tests. The %English, %Maths and %Science columns show percentage of pupils who met or exceeded the government’s level 4 target score. The aggregate column combines these columns, and the “value added” column shows how well a school assists its pupils, balanced for factors like social class, ethnic make-up, and affluence. (100 = what it should be doing, less = underperforming, more = overperforming.)
Full tables at the BBC at this page.
For ease of reference, a couple of South Woodford schools are included here.

%English %Maths %Science Aggregate Value
94 92 95 281 100.5
Snaresbrook 88 93 93 274 100.6
93 89 93 274 99.4
Nightingale 91 88 93 272 101.3
91 76 83 250 99.9
Lady of Lourdes
83 72 95 250 99.4
Aldersbrook 69 73 86 227 99.1

It’s ok everyone – it turns out the new shop on Wanstead High Street is going to be a Tesco! The long mystery is over.

(Some people apparently aren’t happy about this. But it’d be worse if Wanstead had a Tesco which was closing down.)