The Duke’s Forbidden Ward

Her unattainable guardian The man she secretly yearns for! This Season, Eleanor Jennings must find a husband. Her guardian Hugh Ashforth, the autocratic and devastatingly alluring Duke of Kendal, has made that abundantly clear. The only flaw in his plan…? Eleanor’s scandalous longing for him! Hugh might consider her off-limits and dangerously innocent, but Eleanor can see the pain and secrets he hides. Can Eleanor be brave enough to make Hugh see the passion that exists between them?

How To Cheat The Marriage Mart

His plans to fool the ton… Thwarted by a country debutante! George Claremont, Marquess of Curran, has cultivated his rakish reputation to enable his covert work helping children in England’s workhouses. Now the destruction of these institutions hinges on a well-laid marriage proposal. But stepping into the wrong room at a ball, and into a compromising situation with prim Kitty Fitzroy, threatens his plan to cheat the marriage mart… Or might he have found the perfect accomplice?