Do You Like Big Girls? Vol. 5

The big girl era has finally arrived!! Thanks to his sister’s scheming ways, Sota was roped into becoming the hall director for the girl’s varsity volleyball team. Being so short, he’s the perfect target for their merciless teasing. Can the diminutive Sota stand up to these amazons and conquer the high hurdles of life in an all-girls dorm? For Sota and his harem of big girls, it’s victory or bust!

Do You Like Big Girls? Vol. 4

THERE ARE TWO REASONS TO READ THIS MANGAShortcakes Sota is the hot-headed and hot-blooded manager of a volleyball team of giantesses, and their college dorm hall director. Have we mentioned that they’re all in love, or at least in lust with him? And Sota’s sister is on the team, too! Shenanigans ensue with meddling fathers, kinky times with chunky amazons, and the posing of the eternal question: are boobs a skill?