Grandma’s Garden

It’s springtime, and a young girl points to what’s outside the kitchen window, wondering about Grandma’s special spot. It’s a garden filled with vegetables, flowers, fruits, and more! Grandma takes the little girl outside and shows her how she can help make all the plants grow. From pulling weeds to planting seeds and watering plants to keeping the bugs away, Grandma and granddaughter work together till harvest time. Then it’s back to the kitchen for a wonderful dinner . . . and of course, dessert. Told from the point of view of the granddaughter, and featuring lush illustrations of lettuce, cabbage, peas, apricots, marigolds, cacti, tomatoes, peaches, and more, this simple journey from awe to understanding will become a treasured read-aloud for grandmothers and their grandchildren.

Strong as a Mountain (My First Yoga Book)

This playful and bright introduction to yoga aimed directly at the toddler set features fun, rhyming text and photographs of children from ages 1 to 5 doing easy poses that youngsters will love learning. Each pose featured, from Mountain pose, Tree pose, and the Warrior poses to Cobra pose, Happy Baby pose, the Lotus position, and more, is perfect for little arms, legs, and bodies! Strong Like a Mountain will help children stretch their bodies and their minds while sparking their interest and imagination.