The Bride of Demise, Vol. 2

After taking a kihei as his Bride and overcoming the massive invasion knownas theGloaming, Kou Kaguro has finally earned some peace for himself and hisfriends. Butas they prepare for a festival to commemorate his hard-wonvictory, the unthinkablehappens-Kou is murdered. Over and over,endlessly… Surely there must be somemistake? And what does all this haveto do with an unexpected transfer student?

The Bride of Demise, Vol. 1

Years ago, mysterious beings only known as kihei appeared without warningandoverran the world. To confront this strange menace, the Twilight Academywasestablished to train students in black magic and how to battle theotherworldlyinvaders. Graduates of this school are no strangers to death andmany meet theirdoom while fulfilling their duty to protect humanity. Kou isjust one more casualty inthis war for survival…or so he thinks. Before hecan even appreciate the fact that he’sstill alive, a kihei pledges herloyalty to him and vows to stay by his side until the endof days, settingoff a chain of events that can only lead down the road of madness andchaos.

Torture Princess: Fremd Torturchen, Vol. 7.5 (light novel)

Adapted and expanded from online extras for the series, this gorgeouscollection ofshort stories and illustrations details fragmentary momentsfrom the lives of Kaito,Elizabeth, and others. Kaito suffers fromnightmares, fanatics hound Elisabeth, andHina goes missing…? Afteraverting a catastrophe, Kaito and Hina decide to throw aparty to celebratethe third anniversary of Elisabeth’s appointment to captain oftheguard. Isabella shows off her natural charms; Jeanne brags; and theButcher annoysthe hell out of Vlad. Within these pages, scraps of happinesscoalesce, and stories pointthe way forward.

Torture Princess: Fremd Torturchen, Vol. 9 (light novel)

After losing her beloved father-figure Lewis, Alice wishes to drag thewhole world withher to the grave, while Elisabeth, now without Kaito,strives to protect it. Twoirreconcilable paths, both shaped by the lastwishes of those they love. Twopossibilities for the future-and only one willprevail.