The School of Hope : The Journey From Trauma and Anxiety to Achievement, Happiness, and Resilience

Discover how to improve achievement, happiness, and resilience using the science of hope The current mental health crisis is driving many teachers to leave the profession while students struggle with engagement and anxiety. Trauma-informed coping mechanisms are helpful, but this book goes a step further by incorporating much-needed but often-missing support to help learners feel hopeful and provide educators with resources to care for themselves. Based on research around the psychological science of hope, this guidebook provides strategies educators and school leaders can use daily to help students feel secure, build relationships, and improve academic outcomes. Included are practices and interventions that can be woven into classrooms and schools to foster mental wellness and happiness using Classroom materials, tools, and reproduciblesScientific resources to quickly assess and monitor hopeSimple plans of action to improve hope, engagement, and motivationVignettes from classrooms and the author’s own experiences with children who have experienced extreme trauma Backed by the latest research, The School of Hope will encourage higher academic attainment and equity, inspiring a sense of deeper fulfillment for both students and educators.