This or That Questions About Space and Beyond : You Decide!

Space is full of mystery. Scientists think that the planets, stars and other space objects we see make up just 4 per cent of the universe! Scientists studying space have a lot of choices to make. Future space explorers will have many choices to consider too. Now the choices are yours. Would you rather eat pre-packaged space food or grow your own food in space? Would you rather catch a cold in space or have space sickness? Would you rather travel to Mars or Venus? It’s your turn to pick this or that!

This or That Questions About Technology : You Decide!

Technology is advancing rapidly. Transport experts think self-driving cars could fill the streets someday soon. Designers are experimenting with different artificial intelligence devices. The choices designers make now will affect our future. What choices would you make in a world of new technology? Would you rather take nanobot vitamins or use a wearable health monitor? Would you rather take to the skies with a jetpack or on a flying motorcycle? Would you rather have telescopic eyesight or supersonic hearing? It’s your turn to pick this or that!