Ada Twist, Scientist: The Why Files #2: All About Plants!

A new addition to the Questioneers series, a non-fiction early reader series based on the new Ada Twist, Scientist Netflix show!What do plants eat? Why do some plants have flowers and others don’t? And what’s the tallest plant out there? Ada Twist, Scientist: The Why Files is the perfect nonfiction resource for all these questions and more. Based on the bestselling series and the new Netflix show, this new nonfiction series is perfect for the youngest scientists of tomorrow, as they learn along with Ada. Designed in a scrapbook format, these books combine art from the show, illustrations, and photography to bring simple science concepts to life.

I Love You Like Yellow

From New York Times bestselling author Andrea Beaty and New York Times bestselling illustrator Vashti Harrison, a sweet and playful bedtime book that reminds young readers just how loved they areA loved one tells the young reader how they love them-like yellow, like green, like flowery orchid, like sweet tangerine. Following a diverse array of children and their families-families who come in all shapes and sizes-the book showcases the smallest but sometimes most special moments of the day: from going to a garden, to playing pretend pirates, eating some crunchy chips and lemonade, and rushing to get ready in the morning. The narrator goes on, listing all the different ways the child is adored, until at last, the little one settles down for bed. With heartfelt rhyming text and stunning illustrations, I Love You Like Yellow is like a big hug and kiss from someone you love and a heartfelt story about honoring both the profound and mundane moments of life.