Rebecca the Woodpecker

Rebecca the Woodpecker is a beautifully written rhyming tale about a woodpecker who is very different from all the other birds, because she is actually made out of wood! Rebecca’s mother created her out of a tree stump by pecking and pecking at it, until Rebecca appeared and magically came to life. Rebecca desperately wants to be able to fly with all the other birds, but with her little wooden wings this seems impossible. Rebecca knows she is not the same as everyone else, and she often feels lonely and unseen, blending in with all the other trees in the forest. Rather than stay hidden away in her nest forever, Rebecca one day gathers up all her courage, and attempts to fly off a very high branch to make her dreams come true.. But does she make it? Join Rebecca as she bravely tries to make the impossible possible, and learns a few new things about herself along the way!