2110. Earth is suffering major resource shortages, and the impact of climate change is peaking,with much of the planet’s equatorial regions turned to lifeless desert and populations displaced.Colonies have been established on Mars and the Moon, but these cannot hope to sustain any morethan a scant population of hundreds of citizens. Attention has turned to the need to discover an extra-solar colony world. European scientists, using discoveries made at CERN, have identified the means of creating awormhole in the space-time continuum, which would allow interstellar travel. However, to do sothey must first physically transport one end of the wormhole to where they want it to be, so settingup a wormhole will always rely on physical travel first of all. A ship is sent to Mu Arae, earth-like planet discovered 10 years before. It is a journey that willtake 80 years, the crew, who will eventually set up the wormhole on the planet, kept in suspendedanimation. But only a few years into the trip, catastrophe strikes and the ship blows up en route, killing allaboard. 2190, eighty years after the starship set out. Gordon Kemp is a detective working in the cold case department in London. Usually he works oncases closed ten, twenty-five years earlier. Now, however, he has been assigned a murderinvestigation closed, unsolved, over eighty years ago. What he unearths will change history andthreatens everything we know about what the powers that be have planned for Earth. The tragedythat befell the ship 80 years before is not what it seems and the past and the present are radicallydifferent to what everyone on Earth believes. We made the journey. Why has it been kept a secret?

Murder at Standing Stone Manor

Donald Langham and Maria Dupre must navigate a rocky road to find a killer when a body is found next to a standing stone. Newlyweds Donald Langham and Maria Dupre have moved to the country. They’re excited about starting a new life in the picturesque village of Ingoldby-over-Water – and about meeting their new neighbours. But they’ve barely moved into Yew Tree Cottage when their new neighbour at Standing Stone Manor, Professor Edwin Robertshaw, invites Donald over to discuss some ‘fishy business’. Shortly after, a body is found by the professor’s precious standing stone in the manor grounds. Donald and Maria discover tensions, disputes and resentment raging below the surface of this idyllic village, but can they find out which of the villagers is a cold-blooded killer?

Murder Most Vile

The search for a missing artist draws Donald Langham and Ralph Ryland into London’s criminal underworld, with deadly consequences. London. April, 1957. Private investigator Donald Langham is approached by retired businessman Vernon Lombard to find his missing son, Christopher. But what appears to be a simple case of a missing artist becomes far more alarming when Langham realizes there’s more to Christopher’s disappearance than meets the eye, and then makes a terrible discovery. Meanwhile, Langham’s business partner Ralph Ryland’s search for a missing greyhound forces him to confront a shameful secret from his own past, with terrifying consequences. Can Langham navigate London’s criminal underworld, fascism and deception to track down a killer and save Ralph’s life?