Monster Planet

Mankind has all but been wiped out…decimated by avirus that turns us into primal beasts. Only a handful of humans are leftstruggling to survive in a hostile world. But scientists among then havediscovered a way to cure the virus. To save us they must call on monsters of ournightmares…vampires, werewolves and worse…who hold the key to the cure. Nowone team is in a race against time to find the lord of the vampires and convincehim to help save the thing he despises most…man. Collects Monster Planet #1 – 5.

Van Helsing: Eve of Oblivion

Liesel Van Helsing has taken on legions of undead creatures over her many years on this world. One after another they have tested the strength and fortitude she continually proves as synonymous with the legacy that follows the Van Helsing bloodline. But when the universe she thinks she knew becomes much larger than she can fathom, will what comes for her next finally be the end of the famed vampire-hunter? Or, will she stand her ground as she faces oblivion, beating it back like she has done so many times before? Don’t miss this game-changing collection of stories that will re-define everything Liesel has come to know!Collects Van Helsing Annual: Bloodlust, Van Helsing #50,Van Helsing: Black Annis, Van Helsing: Hellfire, Van Helsing: Steampunk, Van Helsing: Invisible Woman, Van Helsing: Beast of Exmoor, Van Helsing: Return of the League of Monsters part 1 & 2.