Cambridge Primary Ready to Go Lessons for English 3 Second edition with Boost Subscription

Save planning and preparation time with a bank of ready-to-go lessons which support the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework. These lesson plans have been created by experienced teachers and examiners, their key priority making sure resources are fully prepared and easy-to-use. The lessons are linked to the approaches in our Cambridge Primary Teacher Guides and follow the same structure as our Learners Books but can be used as and when you need them, independent of the rest of our range. – Kick-start your teaching with step-by-step lesson plans, linked to the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework, and photocopiable worksheets that can be used in class or as homework – Digital games and quizzes provide blended learning opportunities and aid ESL pupils – Key focus on the thinking and working skills areas of the new curriculum – Support all learners with grammar guidance and three tiers of levelled worksheets – Assess progress with Progression Tests at the end of each stage – Ease learners into each lesson with fun PowerPoint starter activities featuring our friendly Cambridge characters.