Searching for Sleep

Have you ever wondered if there’s a thing called ‘Awake’ hiding in your child’s bedroom at night, stealing sleep from them? Now, finally there’s a book that provides the answer … and so much more. Meet Little Mouse. Little Mouse sits at the edge of her burrow. She knows she should be going to sleep but she can’t … not yet. She can’t find Sleep. Against the advice of her parents, she ventures out into the forest, and finds Awake instead. Her journey takes her on some interesting twists and turns, until … As the ultimate bedtime story, this stunning water colour book personifies what parents and children alike feel at bedtime, and helps ignites kids’ imaginations along the way.

A Way with Words

Captivating language, dazzling illustrations and a story that will speak to everyone, ‘A Way with Words’ is a book you’ll read again and again. Little Sam doesn’t speak. Not once. Not ever. But that doesn’t mean she can’t say a great many things. Through the power of her creativity, she shows that all children deserve to be heard, regardless of how they choose to communicate. This truly mesmerizing book is for all quiet little ones out there … and also for anyone who wants or needs to find their voice.