Echo Among Warriors : Close Combat in the Jungle of Vietnam

In war, every action has a beginning and an end. Echo Among Warriors is a story of close combat between two opposing, equally committed adversaries. The powerful narrative immerses the reader in both sides of the battle, playing and replaying the same battle sequence from alternating viewpoints face=Calibri>- through the eyes of the Marines and through the eyes of the North Vietnamese. The bullet fired from a Marine’s M-16 at a silhouetted enemy solider crouched on the jungle path will in the next chapter tear into the flesh of that crouched NVA trooper. The story face=Calibri>- unfolding from the initial contact to the final horrific ending face=Calibri>- represents just one of perhaps thousands of deadly encounters that reflect the reality of battle: a mind-numbing, intensely personal experience, that forever changes the participant.


Summer 1942, and the nascent French Resistance is asking the Allies for help as they become increasingly active against the German occupiers. Their requests for arms and equipment are urgent, but the Allies are hesitant to respond until they know more about the willingness of the French to fight. The decision is made to parachute special operatives face=Calibri>- Jedburghs – into France to determine the state of the Resistance. The Jedburghs follows one of these clandestine three-person commando team attached to the super-secret British Special Operations command. The team parachutes into Nazi-occupied France to lead the local Resistance forces in conducting sabotage and guerrilla warfare against the German occupiers in a deadly kill or be killed series of sabotage operations. The specially selected team members – a combat-hardened U.S. Marine, a tough-as-nails French commando, and a female French emigre out for revenge face=Calibri>- must first undergo a series of tests and field operations to determine if they have what it takes to be a behind-the-lines agent. In the process they develop an unbreakable bond of loyalty that unites them as they lead the fractious members of the Resistance against the battle-hardened Germans and face the ultimate test of loyalty when one of their number is captured.