Arab Arab All Year Long!

Celebrate the beauty and diversity of life in the Arab diaspora throughout the year. Wrapping grape leaves, playing doumbek, drawing henna tattoos,we’re Arab, Arab, Arab, the whole year through!Yallah! From January to December, join some busy kids as they partake in traditions old and new. There’s so much to do, whether it’s learning to write Arabic or looking at hijab fashion sites while planning costumes for a local comic convention. With details as vivid as the scent of jasmine and honeysuckle perfume (made to remind Mum of Morocco), children bond with friends, honour tradition, and spend loving time with family. Accompanied by buoyant and charming illustrations, this portrait of Arab life and childhood zeal is sure to bring joy all year round. Back matter includes an extensive glossary and notes to enrich the experience for readers of any culture.

Lowriders to the Rescue

A changing planet means new problems – and new friends – for nuestros amigos favoritos!Meet Lupe, a whip-smart impala with a flair for mechanicsFlapjack, a sweet young octopus who can shine up anything with his eight gleaming tentacles and Elirio, a thoughtful mosquito who’s fascinated with words and determined to become an artist. What do all three have in common? A love of lowriders – and a passion for solving problems!Nothing is normal in the little town where the Lowriders live. To start, Flappy can’t see a thing! He keeps mistaking fire hydrants for sailors and laundry for love interests. Even more worrying, the Upscale Business Association is determined to make more money than ever by tearing down local shops in favor of a brand-new development for wealthy landowners. Most disconcerting of all, the monarchs who usually migrate through town at this time of year are nowhere to be found. But when Sokar, a beautiful young monarch, bikes into town with a broken wing, she has scary news to report: A dangerous wildfire is burning fast and hot and nonstop, leaving the monarchs stranded. Might Sokar and Flappy have more in common than meets the goggles? How can the Lowriders save their town? And exactly how powerful is passion in the face of an overheated planet’s furious flames?Humor, Spanish, and lowriders come together in this rollicking journey through the bumpy terrain of new friends, climate change, and standing up for what you believe in. !Vamonos!