Santa’s Trip : The Fold-Out Book That Takes You On A Journey

Welcome to the most magical night of the year! Santa’s house is a hive of activity As the elves prepare for all the festivity. Reading the letters is a very big task Have you been good? Santa will ask. Santa’s workshop is bursting with toys All sorts of treasures for girls and for boys. This fold-out story book allows you and your child to discover what goes on during the most magical night of the year!It transforms itself into a mat where you can see Santa’s workshop, all the toys being wrapped up and how the elves and reindeers get to help Santa get ready for the big day.

Undercover Birds

Discover all types of awesome birds hidden within the leaves, behind the foliage or in the woods. You will learn about the wonderful world of birds, including swallows, guinea fowls, seagulls, owls, birds of paradise or magpies. Find out what their key characteristics or singularities are, where they can be found, their role in the ecosystem and how they interact with each other. Each page has a die-cut section where you get to spot the various animals hidden in their natural habitat.

Undercover Bugs

Discover all types of awesome bugs and insects hidden under the leaves, woods or vegetation recreated on these beautiful pages. You will learn about the wonderful world of insects: from ants, ladybugs, butterflies, bees, beetles, snails or spiders. Each page has a die-cut section where you get to spot the various animals hidden in their natural habitat.

On the Move! : The Fold-Out Book that Takes You on a Journey

What will we see in the city today? Buses, or cars, or bikes on our way?Let’s wash our car & make it clean Or ride our bike so we are green. Noisy bin lorries clear the way While fire engines often save the day. This fold-out story board book allows you and your child not only to discover the many means of transportation within a city, but also to transform the book into a street mat where you can play and invent new stories. The engaging text promotes the sustainable use of public transport and the use of bicycles.

Animals: Together or Alone : A crash of rhinos, a waddle of penguins and other fun facts

Some animals need to live in big groups, although others barely interact with the rest of the herd. Do you want to know why?This book is full of colourful illustrations answering the questions of how, why and when animals decide to live in groups or alone. This useful and entertaining resource helps you discover fun facts about Flamingos, Polar Bears, Zebras, Emperor penguins and many more!

Majestic Oceans : Discover the World Beneath the Waves

Which animals can survive the freezing temperatures of the Arctic Ocean? Where can you find several species of penguins living in harmony? How deep is the Arabian sea? This book pays homage to the underwater world, a majestic yet delicate ecosystem which has to be cherished for future generations. Oceans cover 70% of the earth’s surface, yet, we only know a third of the marine creatures that inhabit them. This large format book transports you underwater and helps you discover the different habitats, the incredible biodiversity and the wild animals that live beneath the waves. Throughout the book is a search and find counting game enabling you to spot groups of orcas, starfish, dolphins and clownfish. Can you count them all?