Solo Leveling, Vol. 5

Jinwoo knows it won’t be long before his true power fully comes tolight and the guildsand association of Korea descend upon him, seeking hisallegiance. Since his traininghas thus far been a solo endeavor, Jinwoodecides he ought to at least see what anA-rank raid is really like. Joiningthe Hunters’ excavation team is the perfectopportunity to assess ahigh-level guild in action, even if his role is limited to haulingandmining. That is, until a particularly nasty dungeon boss requires theluggagecarrier to step up to carry the team as well!!

Solo Leveling, Vol. 4 (comic)

With a veritable army at his command, Jinwoo is now ready to take on theDemon’sCastle-but he’s got a meeting with Jinah’s teacherto deal with first! When asked to talkdown a high school student from a lifeof being a hunter, Jinwoo figures the fastest waywould be to show them therealities of a raid. Little does he know that there’s more tothisparticular gate than meets the eye…