Remixed : An inspiring story about our families

From Arree Chung, the creator of the award-winning Mixed, this second title about Mixed City takes the Colours in a new direction . . . When Colours of different kinds fall in love they mix, creating families that come in every possible combination of colour, shape, and size. But sometimes their feelings change, and change in a family isn’t always easy. It can be especially hard for young ones to accept and get used to, and it might make them feel worried, anxious or sad. An inspiring, uplifting story Remixed celebrates the strength of remixed families and the beauty of chosen families, while reassuring young children that while change is scary, everything usually turns out just as ok as it was before, and sometimes even better.

Remixed A Blended Family

They create families that come in every combination of colours, shapes, and sizes. But sometimes those sizes, shapes, and colours can change. And change isn’t always easy. It might be hard to get used to. It might make some colours feel worried, or sad.