Cindy Lass : A Colourful Pawtrait

After missing out on a role in EastEnders, Cindy Lass was feeling down. “Forget it,” comforted her mother. “Paint me a vase of flowers for this wall here instead.” Stocked up with new art supplies, the rhythmic strokes of her paintbrush soon transported Cindy to a tranquil oasis of colour. When taking it to be framed, the gallery owner asked, “Who has done this?” Bemused and embarrassed, Cindy answered and three more picture frames were thrust towards her, “You have a huge talent, come back when you’ve painted these”. Cindy’s career as an artist thus began, painting over 100 celebrity dogs for charity. From Sir Elton John and George Michael to Anne Frank’s tree and a very special pawtrait for Her Majesty the Queen. Cindy Lass: A Colourful Pawtrait, is an inspiring tale of finding yourself – filled with humour, spirituality, and a sprinkling of celebrity stories. Cindy Lass will show you: everyone can paint, and there’s no limit to what you can achieve.