King of Poop

In the savanna the animals all live in harmony. A very small but hardworking dung beetle works diligently to carefully pick up and roll the droppings he finds to keep the ecosystem clean. The elephant, the ostrich, and the monkeys all mock and ridicule him. Since the dung beetle is intelligent and cautious, he does not reply to their taunts. His only advocate, the fly, defends him and urges him to take action and talk to the king. But what a disappointment there too; instead of supporting him, the lion agrees with the others and then chases him away with a roar. The dung beetle is then faced with a big decision that is destined to change the savanna itself! Join this little dung beetle as he leaves this corner of the savanna for a new place where his kindness and bravery are saluted, and find out what happens to the kingdom he leaves behind.

1, 2, 3, Poop!

From 1 to 10, follow along as the animals discover how each of them poops in this hilarious counting tale that is sure to have toddlers and preschoolers wanting to read it again and again. With silly oversized illustrations and playful humor, kids will be engaged to learn their numbers through funny situations involving animals, such as the pig that ends up with poop on its head or the cat that poops in the dog’s bowl. From an ant who does 1 teeny-weeny poop to an elephant who does 10 giant poops, poop comes in all shapes and sizes, and counting it has never been so fun! Join author of the newly released King of Poop, Geraldine Collet, as she captures the imaginations of children by combining education with humor in a way that leaves them pleading to read each page over and over. On your mark, get set, poop! Oops, we mean count up to 10!