Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation Skills: Second and Third Levels English

Syllabus: CfE (Curriculum for Excellence, from Education Scotland) and SQALevel: BGE S1-3: Third & Fourth LevelsSubject: EnglishCapture pupils’ imagination and attention with a rich collection of quality texts, handpicked by Jane Cooper to ensure that pupils want to start reading – and keep reading. Tailored to the interests, motivations and abilities of pupils working towards Second and Third Levels in S1 to S3, this book will help you to close the attainment gap. > Unlock a world of meaning, connection and questioning. Part One teaches the close reading skills that pupils need throughout their lives, with simple explanations, lots of examples and tasks set at three levels – ‘Building’, ‘Strengthening’ and ‘Extending’. > Apply and develop RUAE skills and monitor progress. Part Two contains ten practice assessments that gradually increase in difficulty, with longer passages, more complex language and more challenging questions. > Save time sourcing non-fiction text extracts. Drawing on her long career as an English teacher and author, Jane Cooper has a talent for knowing which topics pupils will find curious or fun – from the world’s cheesiest pizza to a mysterious metal column that appeared in a desert. > Build the foundations for success in National qualifications. With Course Reports showing that N5 and Higher students most commonly lose marks in the RUAE papers, this book offers a proactive solution to building confidence and skills during BGE. > Support the individual needs of every pupil. Providing differentiated, age-appropriate content and tasks, this is the perfect resource for mixed-ability classrooms – especially when used alongside its companion volume, Levels 3-4 English: Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation Skills.