Searching for Thaddeus : Images of a Forgotten Irishman in Ireland and Italy

Thaddeus was a fi fteenth-century bishop of Cork who was honoured in both Ireland and Italy. He led a remarkable life – he was made bishop twice, and was beatifi ed in 1895 – but is now all but forgotten. In Searching for Thaddeus, art historian Patricia Curtin-Kelly tells the tale of this re markable man, and discusses the many works of art – found mainly in churches acro ss County Cork and in Ivrea, Italy – that bear witness to the high esteem in which he was held. Searching for Thaddeus features numerous photographs of the remarkable artworks which celebrate “Blessed Thaddeus” – painti ngs, stained-glass windows and reliquaries – and the churches in which they can be seen. It is a highly read able book about a remarkable son of Cobh.