Gigantosaurus – Santasaurus Surprise : A Christmas lift-the-flap dinosaur adventure

A festive lift-the-flap adventure with our favourite dino friends. Read this brand new story based on the Gigantosaurus TV series and characters by Jonny Duddle. It’s Christmas morning and everyone is still asleep . . . except for Tiny! She’s SO excited for Christmas and can’t WAIT to celebrate with her dino friends in the Frozen Lands. Join Tiny the Santasaurus on her quest to share the joy of gift-giving with all her friends. With fun flaps for little fingers to lift on every spread and a SURPRISE ending, this is the perfect story to read with little ones in the run up to Christmas. Watch the latest Gigantosaurus episodes now and read other books in series like The Scary Cave, Where’s Giganto? and Dinopedia.

Gigantosaurus – The Big Mean Green

Another roar-some adventure with our favourite four dinos based on the Gigantosaurus TV series and characters by Jonny Duddle. When Termy is found stuck up a tree, the dinos in Cretacia think there can only be ONE dino responsible . . . GIGANTO! But Bill, Mazu, Tiny and Rocky aren’t so sure. With no time to lose, the four friends set out on a quest to find out the truth. Will the friends solve the mystery before it’s too late? Was there a simple explanation all along?Join them in the latest episode and read the story to find out! Discover more of this international, bestselling series in The Story of Gigantosaurus, Dinos to the Rescue, Saving Ayati, The Groundwobbler and Don’t Cave In.

Gigantosaurus – Saving Ayati

Based on the animated TV adaptation of Jonny Duddle’s best-selling picture books. When Mazu’s new game leads to Ayati taking a fall, Mazu needs to help her get back up! The dino friends try every invention and idea they can think of to flip her over, but it only makes things worse. Can Mazu find a way to save one friend without hurting another?Watch the episode and read the story!

Gigantosaurus – Dinos to the Rescue : A story about caring for ecosystems and the environment!

Based on the TV adaptation of Jonny Duddle’s best-selling picture books. When Mazu gives Bill a rare, tasty flower, Bill sets out to the swamp for more. But when the natural balance of Cretacia starts to change, they realise that this little flower was much more important than it seemed, and now the whole ecosystem is at risk! Can Bill find a way to heal his natural environment?Watch the episode and read the story!

Gigantosaurus – Dinopedia : lift the flaps to discover the world of dinosaurs!

Uncover the REAL FACTS behind the Gigantosaurus TV animation and explore everything you need to know about dinosaurs in this first DINOPEDIA!Follow Mazu, Tiny, Rocky and Bill as they explore the land of Cretacia – a prehistoric world full of life! There are lots of dinosaurs to meet and facts to learn about the Mesozoic era. Which was the heaviest dinosaur to ever live on our planet? How were pterosaurs able to fly? The four friends go on an adventure full of discovery but they had better watch out for GIGANTO along the way – he’s very hungry!Lift-the-flaps to explore the real-life dinosaurs behind the characters, full of dino facts – perfect for young dino and Gigantosaurus fans.