Tome Raider – Express Edition

A shadowy thief haunts the Library of Doom. One by one, the villain is outsmarting all the Library’s ancient traps. Nothing can stop him. And what’s worse, the thief is heading towards the Library’s most amazing weapon . . . a gleaming blue gem that can transform its owner into anyone in the world! Can the Librarians stop the villain before it’s too late?

Thesaurus Rex – Express Edition

A huge creature unfolds itself from the pages of a thesaurus into an origami monster! Now, a young student is face to face with Thesaurus Rex, a dino-sized villain of synonyms. The beast seems unstoppable – until a Librarian enters the scene. But how can a Librarian fend off a foe that can transform into any word in the English language?

Death Sentence – Express Edition

The most fearsome book in the Library of Doom contains a single sentence. It’s so horrible that anyone who reads it will vanish into nothingness. The book is now loose in a small town, lying on the floor of a school bus. Anyone could find it and open its cover. Who will save the town from the world’s shortest (and deadliest) story?

The Last Word – Express Edition

The Library of Doom’s secret chamber holds a book that drains the Librarian’s life away. Now, the book has been stolen – and only another Librarian could be the thief. Even worse, if the last word is read on the final page of the book, the world will end! His life force shrinking with every step, the Librarian must find the traitor – and save the world from The Last Word.

Night of the Scrawler – Express Edition

Slate is a cliffhanger. His job is to guard the most dangerous books in the Library of Doom. But one day, Slate’s curiosity gets the better of him. He opens The Scrawler, a long forgotten book. Suddenly, everything goes silent. The air becomes ice cold. Slate cries out for help, but in the darkest depths of the Library of Doom, no one can hear you scream.

The Lost Page – Express Edition

An explosion shakes the Library of Doom, ripping a hole through 70 floors! Now, one of the young workers – a Page – is missing, and it will take two Librarians to rescue him. But amid the rubble and ancient books, the heroes meet unexpected danger – the jewel-hungry Watch-man, whose can turn his enemies and everything around him into dust!