Snow Puppy

An exciting, wintry title in the Sticker Dolly Story fiction series, inspired by the best-selling Sticker Dolly Dressing – with a page of stickers to dress the Dolls. Perfect for fans of Holly Webb. The Animal Rescue Dolls have a new mission… a sheepdog puppy has been lost in the snow and needs to be found before nightfall. After a trip to Madame Coco’s for their mission outfits, the Dolls zoom to the Wild Isle to find the puppy, only to discover it is trapped in a frozen river. Can they reach it in time?Collect all the books in the Sticker Dolly Stories series!1. Unicorn Rescue (A Magic Dolls Story)2. Fairy Picnic (A Magic Dolls Story)3. Mermaid in Trouble (A Magic Dolls Story)4. Baby Dragon (A Magic Dolls Story)5. Castle in the Clouds (A Princess Dolls Story)6. Ice Palace (A Princess Dolls Story)7. Woodland Princess (A Princess Dolls Story)8. Waterlily Ball (A Princess Dolls Story)9. Dream Pony (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story)10. Lucky Bunnies (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story)11. Little Lost Deer (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story)12. Snow Puppy (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story) And look out for the Summer and Christmas specials:Dolphin Magic (A Summer special)Christmas Mystery (A Christmas special)

Fairy Unicorns Islands in the Sky

Zoe and Astra are on a quest to help the Unicorn King. This time, their adventures lead them high into the skies above Unicorn Island, in search of the Floating Islands. But someone is following them and the islands are not all that they seem. Will Zoe and Astra be able to complete the quest and help the King, or have they taken on more than they bargained for?

Fairy Unicorns The Treasure Quest

Zoe and Astra, the fairy unicorn, are on a quest to find the Silver Chalice. According to unicorn legend, the chalice is able to show the future. But first they must complete the Treasure Maze, three rooms, full of riddles and mazes, and all before the hourglass runs out…

Politeness for Penguins

A brilliant first picture book about manners. Some rude and naughty penguins put on a show of politeness in order to impress the Emperor, who is coming to judge THE BEST TOWN COMPETITION. The penguins are desperate to win first prize – a year’s free supply of fish. But when the Emperor arrives, the penguins are in for a shock… he is the rudest penguin they have ever met! Perhaps it’s time to teach the Emperor some manners?