Flip, Flop, to the Beach We Go

A sweet story in rhyme about enjoying a day at the sea. For little starfish and other water rats ages 4 years and up. The sun is shining, cheerful, and bright. It tickles me awake with its happy light. Do you know where we’re going today? To the sea! Little doggy, will you come with me?

A Purrfect Christmas

A heartwarming story in which the magic of Christmas results in surprises. For animal lovers ages 5 years and up. It’s Christmas Eve when a young kitten is left alone on the deserted streets of the city. She’s hungry and cold. She would like to go to a home of her own. Is she the only one with a holiday wish?

A Special Treat

A funny counting book in rhyme about cooperation and sharing. For sweet little mouse friends ages 2.5 years and up. 1 mouse wants everyone to have a special treat. 2 mice go to the market to buy some seed. 3 mice are digging lots of tiny holes. What are they up to?

The Wall of Mr. Mo

An inspiring book about the colors of life. For crafters and artists ages 5 years and up. Mr. Mo wants to build special houses, creative and colorful. But the people in the village always choose a dull, gray design. One day, Mr. Mo has had enough. He starts building a high wall . . . What’s he doing behind that wall?

Who’s the Smartest?

A funny story about trying to outwit your friends. For sly little foxes (and clever dogs and squirrels) ages 4 years and up. Olive the dog wants to play with her friend Squirrel. But Squirrel doesn’t have time. He has to gather acorns for the winter. And then Fox shows up. He’s hungry . . . Who will get what they want? Or will they all win?