A Picnic in the Rain

Oh, no! Their picnic is ruined! Or is it?!A rainy day in spring is the perfect time for the snail family to go out on a picnic. Carrying a basket of provisions and some toys, the snails set off under the most delightful downpour. But no sooner have they started that the clouds lift to make way for sparkling sunshine. Oh, no! Their picnic is ruined!Fortunately, young Margaux finds a way to save the day and before long, the family is nibbling on lettuce and berries under the shelter of a lovely raspberry bush. The snails have found the perfect time to have a picnic after all!Colorful illustrations sure to keep little ones engaged;Promotes imagination;Light and fun read, while developing vocabulary.

The Little Prince: My Book of Feelings

Learn about emotions with The Little PrinceDiscover emotions with the beloved character from author-illustrator Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Joy, fear, anger, surprise…children experience a range of emotions every day, often several at the same time, and they sometimes find it difficult to articulate what they feel. Naming and identifying emotions is a way for little ones to start recognizing these feelings. As they gain self-awareness, children learn to manage their emotions, a critical skill that lays the foundation for emotional intelligence and resilience. The feelings described in this book include joy, surprise, anger, love, fear, sadness, and calm. Large scale board book with colorful illustrations to keep little ones engaged;This book helps children articulate what they are feeling and gain self-awareness;Inspired by the famous tale The Little Prince, timeless and enchanting.

The Little Prince Around the World

The Little Prince visits the greatest landmarks in the worldThe Little Prince’s rose has a cold. To cheer her up, he goes on a trip around the world to bring back lots of pretty pictures. He boards his plane and takes off. Destination: some of the most amazing sights in the world!The Pyramids of EgyptThe leaning Tower of Pisa in ItalyRome’s ColosseumThe Statue of Liberty in New York CityNotre-Dame de ParisThe Arc de Triomphe in ParisBig Ben in LondonThe Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, SpainThe Golden Gate Bridge in San FranciscoThe Great Wall of ChinaThe Opera House in Sydney, Australia.