Initial Language Teacher Education

* Combines theory and practice on initial language teacher education as well as utilizing sociocultural theory, this book is uniquely positioned both to offer practical exercises for the Teacher of Teachers classroom and to explore issues for further research * Contains a large number of ready-to-use activities and tasks that are underpinned by research and theoretical insights, unlike any other book on or relating to this topic * Uniquely implements the Furlong & Maynard and Huberman models of teacher career stages, as well as Vygotsky’s sociocultural perspective, into practice rather than a merely theoretical discussion * Countries all over the world are implementing new programs for language teacher education and training, and will benefit from having the latest in research and practice in this book * No extant books translate Sociocultural Teacher Education (STE) theory into workable, usable and research-based practical classroom applications * Author DiazMaggioli is a leader in this field