Sticker Countdown: Christmas

Countdown the days to the jolliest day of the year with Sticker Countdown: Christmas. Each day leading up to December 25th, open a different window and pop out a secret, cheery sticker to place inside the tri-fold Santa’s workshop. Then explore every charming room – the vibrant toy factory, the cozy hearth, the grand tree entryway, and more! Stand it up to make it the BEST sticker advent calendar you’ve ever seen. Designed to fit on a mantel, table, or bookshelf, this Christmas book also becomes holiday decor!

Sticker Mash-Ups!

What do a purrmaid, a llamacorn, and an octopug all have in common? They’re Sticker Mash-Ups ! With dozens of head and torso illustrations to choose from, you will have endless hours of fun creating new characters. Creatures on land, in the water, and in space make for zany and wild new faces. Pick any head!Pair with any legs!Create a whole new sticker creature!Decorate your school notebooks, journals, backpacks, pencil cases, and more with this delightfully-illustrated, mashable and stickable sticker book!