Tim’s Hat

In this modern-day fable, young readers will discover that you may look everywhere for what you want, but it may be right under your nose! Join Simon and Tim in their first adventure of the Hare and Bear series, as one very busy friend learns a valuable lesson from his very content, laid-back friend. The gentle moral about a slower, simpler, device-free lifestyle focuses on appreciating one’s own gifts and abilities and unfolds as Simon, who is a very successful business hare, decides he needs a break. He travels first class to the countryside for a holiday with his friend Tim. During his visit, Simon is faced with many unexpected challenges, the first being his intense desire to have Tim’s dazzling knit hat, and the second being that Tim has no internet! Simon spends his days trying to pass the time without his computer, and his nights searching for Tim’s hat, which he wants more than anything. Can Tim help Simon learn to relax and that a little bit of patience will pay dividends?